2019 Thaakat Zakaat Campaign

Our DREAMS schools in Karachi, Pakistan continue to grow with your help
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Since we opened our DREAMS schools in 2012, the site has faced a number of challenges, yet through your donations we have been able to expand our opportunities to these villagers.

Today, our schools support the education of more than 1,000 students who live and work in Karachi, Pakistan’s landfills.

Below are the school sites you support:

  • DREAMS Campus lll – 793 students
  • DREAMS Campus ll – 300 students
  • Girls only campus – Construction started
  • DREAMS + Al Khair intermediary college – 102 students


*Thaakat Foundation is a non-political, non-religious organization; however, we do collect and distribute Zakaat as appropriate for our DREAMS for Kachra Kundi school site in Karachi, Pakistan. Zakaat is an obligatory charitable donation Muslims make on 2.5% of their wealth.

Watch the videos below to get a first hand look at the futures you are helping to change:

360 View of Campus

Life in the village

Interview with college student, Husna Noor