Celebrating Two Hundred Births - Thaakat Foundation

Sierra Leone faces one of the highest death rates in the world for both newborns and pregnant women. The district of Pujehun is one of Sierra Leone’s poorest and least developed. In this district women historically gave birth at home with the help of a traditional birth attendant who had little or no formal health care training. Women were risking their lives to give birth in Sierra Leone.

In 2014 we built a state of the art maternal and general health care facility in the town of rural Blama Perri, Pujehun District. This is an area where the nearest hospital is fifteen miles away and can only be reached by biking or walking. We are currently serving six surrounding communities by our center and do so with the support of the traditional birth attendants. These birth attendants go to women in the villages and encourage them to visit the center. When the women arrive at our center they are introduced to our two government appointed nurses. Our nurses then coach and care for each woman through the pregnancy process.

Thaakat provides antenatal care services that ensure these women receive the care they need during their pregnancy. These services include vaccinations, antimalarial medicine, education and regular monitoring. Once the women deliver their baby in our care our nursing staff ensures the new mothers are aware of the importance of childhood nutrition. Each newborn child continues to come to our center to ensure adequate growth, vaccinations and health.

As of September, 2016 our center aided in the births of 203 healthy babies since its inception in 2014. With the use of our newly finished second unit pictured above and your continued support we hope to celebrate our next milestone even sooner.