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Our mission here is to provide an education to the most underprivileged children in the country of Pakistan. These children live in and around the city’s largest landfill in Karachi, Pakistan, in some of the most uninhabitable conditions. Many of their parents are waste pickers and have struggled with the effects of generational poverty.

We work with on ground partner Idara Al Khair to ensure we have a collaborative and professional approach to our community rebuilding initiatives.

Empowering Education for the impoverished

Your support funds 4 schools, a medical center and a women's technical skills center.

1,200 students are receiving a quality education daily in Karachi, Pakistan. Check out all of the facilities at our primary campus.


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Solar Water Plants Launched

Giving Tharparkar Access to Clean Water

Our on-site staff is deeply involved with the community and families.

In the district of Tharparker, located southeast of Sindh, Pakistan, more than 90% of the population lives in rural villages without access to clean water.

Women and girls often have to travel more than three miles to collect water and spend an average of three to five hours fetching water.

We’ve launched more than 2 dozen solar-powered water plants in this drought-stricken region. Water flows at the tug of a handle and the whole family happily engages in the process. The women benefit greatly from these solar wells but so do livestock and agriculture. It is transforming communities!