Educate a girl and you’ll educate a nation. - Thaakat Foundation

Three years ago we received a letter from Shaheen. She was a young and determined student who fought for her right to an education. In her letter she said:

“Everyone has dreams. I too want to have a dream. These dreams are only possible through an education. When I receive that education and I start to reach my goals, I know that I will be inspired to continue to receive more learning.  I will want to set new goals. In the future I want to be able to teach other girls. I want to help those girls whose families are also stopping them from receiving an education.

Every day I would cry to my family so that they would let me go to school. After crying, they would say that I could attend for just a month and that they would pull me out again. I am here now, I am learning but I want to continue to attend school. I want to go to school so that I can BECOME something.

Whatever I have learned, it is now my duty to teach that to others who want to also learn. Whatever I have learned I need to pass this on. I will tell them that wherever you can go to school you must do it, an education is the only thing that will get you anywhere. My wish is that God give us all the opportunity to receive an education.”

A few months ago we got to meet again. She is in our very first graduating class at our Dreams for Kachra Kundi school site and will be graduating later this year. Now a grown young woman, she still shares the same hopes and dreams. At first she was very shy and quiet, but when we started asking her questions about her time in school and her future plans, her eyes lit up. We were soon wrapped up in her conversations and beautiful plans for the future- which include becoming a teacher.

Every weekend, on Sundays, which is the only day off for the campus, our teachers are still working. They spend Sundays counseling with families. These conversations revolve around all sorts of hardships but their most important goal is to convince families to send their daughters to school.

An educated woman will not only educate her family–she will help educate an entire community. Today, more than 200 of our 570 students are female and we hope to continue to be a part of changing statistics. Sponsor a better future for child during #10DaysOfThaakat.