Whether it's our annual charity tournament or various student led fundraising across the country, you have the opportunity to participate in exciting events throughout the year, better yet, host your own!

Events are important to us. They allow us face to face time with our donors and encourage the coming together of people to have a good time while giving back to a cause in need. Our events are currently limited to the Chicago and New Jersey area.

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Location: Wheaton, Illinois
Date: 14, June 2017

The summers’ fundraising events come at a pivotal time as funding from the previous year has been completely invested in the ‘Dreams for Kachra Kundi’ school. Last year, your donations in Ramadan alone helped us ensure operations, teacher salary and improvement projects went on without delay for a full year at the school. More than 1000 students and 50 staff members benefitted from your support.

In addition, we were able to adopt a second campus in the landfill of Jam Chakro and build a third campus for a struggling team of students and staff nearby. Every dollar you donate goes directly to support these students who otherwise would have had no chance for an education.

We started our ‘Dreams for Kachra Kundi’ school in 2012 with 250 students and eight staff. Today, you have helped us build up this entire community. Three schools, fresh running water, electricity, agriculture and a lively playground shine bright as an escape to the daily life in the landfills. We need your support to help this community continue to thrive and help our students carry on their dreams.

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