Hittin' the courts to make a difference - Thaakat Foundation

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet an inspiring young man, Noah Rizvi. Noah recently launched a Thaakat Chapter in Long Island, New York. By day, he is a 16-year-old high school student who also volunteers his time with various charities. He just held his first ever basketball tournament for Thaakat Foundation and he shares his experience below.

Thaakat: Noah, why did you want to help Thaakat?

Noah: I first got interested in Thaakat after hearing about it from one of my cousins who lives in Chicago and has been playing in the annual basketball tournament and winning for the past couple years. While I was younger, I never really learned what he was playing for and how he began playing. As I grew older, I started to educate myself about the world around me and how difficult it is for many people to have access to a meal or even water. That is when I started volunteering my time with local organizations.

I realized that outside of my home town, the life of an average teenager is very different around the world. I began to search on social media for an organization that could help me achieve my personal goals to help developing countries and the people that live in them gain access to the same benefits I’m blessed to have. I saw through social media that Thaakat Foundation was trying to reach the same goals, so I believed that having Thaakat as a platform to reach success was ideal.

The idea for basketball tournament started out as a way to bring together passionate players to help towards a cause. I am passionate about many sports, basketball being one of them and have many fellow team mates, friends, and family members that also share that same passion. So we all came together to play in a tournament with proceeds going towards an amazing cause.

Thaakat: What did you learn from your first fundraising experience for Thaakat?

Noah: I learned that the team that runs Thaakat Foundation are great, friendly, and generous individuals who feel that giving back is a major need in society today. I learned that something as small as one text with information about a huge cause can end up becoming a major event with a little organization and time devotion. There were some ups and downs, but overall the main outcome was amazing and it felt truly special to not just be a part of an organization like this, but to also be able to raise US$600 that will go towards helping those in need is so rewarding.

Thaakat: What advice do you have for others that want to get involved in charity?

Noah: It doesn’t take much to make a difference! All you need is a positive attitude and a singular phone call to get the ball rolling!

Learn more about our annual tournament and get involved today!