Meet the Students You Support - Thaakat Foundation

Meet Yousuf. Yousuf is a 15 year old from a family of ten living in the slums outside of Karachi, Pakistan. He is highly motivated and recognizes education as his only means to a brighter future. Even when his family is hit with setbacks he remains steadfast and continues to attend classes. His teachers see him as one of their brightest and believe in a better future for him.

Yousuf is also one of about 20 Hindu students on our DREAMS campus. While Karachi is home to a majority Muslim population, our DREAMS campus is a melting pot of a variety of ethnic groups and religions. Across our campus you’ll find Christian teachers, Hindu students and Muslim cooks all working together in harmony. Thanks to some of the DREAMS school’s core principles of tolerance and appreciation for diversity, Yousuf never feels disconnected or apart from his classmates.

Yousuf has managed to grasp the benefits of an education at an early age and we hope to continue to provide him with the resources necessary for him to achieve his dreams.