Meet the Students You Support - Thaakat Foundation

Meet Gull Bano. Gull Bano is a fifth grader attending school at our DREAMS campus. She lives with her family of twelve in the slums of Kachra Kundi outside of Karachi, Pakistan. Her father passed away two years ago and only one brother is able to earn any income at all. Her family is struggling to meet even their daily needs to survive.

Gull Bano and her family are facing circumstances where they cannot afford even basic healthcare for any member of the family. Gull Bano herself has been suffering from acute pain in her ear for years. She has been dealing with her pain since childhood as her family has had no means of paying for medical expenses. Her pain has grown to be intolerable and with the help of our onsite partners Idara Al-Khair, a visit to nearby Abbasi Shaheed Hospital was arranged. Gull Bano’s treatment requires a twice daily regimen of shots administered at home. With the support of our donors we are able to give Gull Bano her treatment and her health.

Even while facing crippling setbacks Gull Bano manages to be a shining star. She makes sure to never miss class while dealing with regular hospital visits and her ongoing treatment. She plans on continuing on to higher education and DREAMS of becoming a teacher herself one day.

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