On August 2, 2018 Thaakat Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. Coinciding with ten years of unbelievable progress we would like to announce an additional, amazing, fundraising milestone.


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How have we transformed lives over the years?

Thaakat launched as a non-profit effort to get students and young professionals more involved in charitable work. In 2010, the foundation shifted its focus to building long-lasting relationships with a handful of communities in need worldwide. Over the next few years, demands at our project sites increased 10x over. However, we didn’t look at money as the end goal but rather being able to help people who needed us. And you were our means to make that happen.

100% of Your Donations Are Put to Work

We continue to commit that all of your personal donations go directly to the work on the ground. This is possible because our entire board works on a 100% voluntary basis and any overhead is covered by our kind sponsors. We are also so thankful for the support from our campus chapters and volunteers.

So where do we go from here?

Ghana: We are focused on completing the first floor of our new permanent brick structure at the Konadu school this year. Thanks to grants from the Siegfried and Marianne Endlichhofer Trust, we’ve had the opportunity to develop large scale projects in construction and on our mushroom farm.

Pakistan: When our partners realized they were having trouble making headway in trying to get more girls to attend our schools they appealed for land to build a girls only campus. In this area where the culture is still very orthodox, we felt the ‘girls only’ campus removed many objections parents had. We have committed to this project for 2018-2019 and are thankful for a grant from the One Ummah Foundation to secure the land.

Sierra Leone: In the last four years we have built a state of the art maternal and general healthcare facility in a small rural village in southern Sierra Leone. It is the only such place in the district with clean running water, washrooms and electricity around the clock. After treating more tan 19,000 patients here, the government has made an appeal to us to help them in various regions in need throughout the country. We are excited to a part of the larger solution to free and quality healthcare in this country.

What role do our donors play?

We know, lots of numbers, lots of moving parts. We want you to know that without our donors, we’re pretty much lost. 80% of donations today still come from YOU; our donors, friends, family, facebook birthday campaigns and personal tribute campaigns. Thank you for believing in our work.

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